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The the history of how the JoneList revolution began.

JoneList was born from the inspiration to find a better way to stay connected. It all started with the idea of a “Bros List”. After college, a group of about 40 men started their lives in the real world. New careers, opportunities, and starting families led everyone in separate directions. As a way to stay in communication, the idea of a distribution list was developed. This list would allow a large group of people to stay connected through a single email address. No longer did anyone need to keep track of email addresses as people changed jobs. Adding and subtracting contacts became a thing of the past. Now, all it took was addressing an email to a single custom address and everyone was in the loop.

What Makes JonesList Different?

Up until this point, there have been two major ways to communicate via email. One is to set up a distribution list in something like Outlook. The other was to use a third party email marketing platform like Constant Contact or iContact. These options have their own strengths and benefits but are lacking in many ways for certain audiences. Although many are familiar with Outlook, creating a distribution list can be tedious. Each email address has to be entered individually. Once you have created a list, there is no way for a recipient to terminate receiving that list unless they contact the sender directly. I think we have all had friends or family members who continue to send chain email about the most recent political issue or their daily inspirational message. These emails can build up in your in box and become a nuisance. It is not always easy to tell people you would prefer not to receive their emails. With Joneslist, you don't have to, recipients have the ability to remove themselves from any Joneslist. 

For organizations and business, using an email marketing platform seemed to be the best way to communicate. Although there are benefits of pretty templates and easy ways to subscribe and unsubscribe, this method becomes very expensive and time consuming to manage. A more extensive understanding of design is needed to create professional looking emails.

It was after identifying these limitations that Joneslist found its place in the email distribution world. No other method is as easy to manage. No other method empowers the recipient to subscribe and unsubscribe. No other method allows subscriptions to be done via email OR text. No other method is as affordable. The revolution is here. What are you waiting for? Get your JoneList account today!
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