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JonesList Frequently Asked Questions

What does JonesList do?
Joneslist is an email system that allows users to setup an email address such as that can be used to email up to 50 people with the use of a single email address. Some people use the term “Distribution List” or “List-Serv” which are very similar technologies.
How much does JonesList cost?
JonesList is currently free for everyone
Is my email secure?
jonesList is comprised of a number of web applications, server services and web services all hosted on state of the art servers at highly protected and heavily secured data centers. Emails stored on the JonesList servers are only used to transmit the email to JonesList recipients.
Are email addresses used for any purpose other than to operate the JonesList service?
Joneslist will never sell, barter, loan, transfer or give away any email address to any 3rd party. Email addresses are only stored for the sole purpose of the JonesList service.
What are some of the common groups of people that use JonesList?
Some of the biggest users of JonesList are churches, teachers, fraternities & sororities.
What are some common uses of JonesList?
There are so many creative ways our users use JonesList. Many users use the system to keep in touch with friends, share internet links & ideas or pictures in a more private forum. Users also find it handy to be able to use a JonesList email as an “alias” email address for their own so that they do not have to surrender their “real” email address to read an article for example or register for a site.
How long does it take to deliver email through JonesList
Most emails are sent in under 1 minute. The more people on the list the longer it is going to take to send out emails.
What are the different ways I can setup a new JonesList?
For all JonesLists you must first create an account to be a list owner. Once you setup an account you can either create a list through the website or directly from your first email to a group directly from your email client (Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail, etc).
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